Fill your pantry at SUPER

SUPER is a neighbourhood supermarket where you can fill your pantry in a different way: with a conscious purchase of quality products, with history and that you won’t find in the big supermarkets.

At SUPER we have compiled the best products for your pantry: speciality coffee, olive oil, natural wines, craft beers, quality preserves and spices and sauces for you to travel without leaving your kitchen.

Let’s take a stroll through the virtual shelves of SUPER so that you can get to know some of our products

Beverage: natural wines, craft beers and healthier soft drinks

Drinks are an important category at SUPER.

We have a section full of natural wines from small producers. They are different in their bottle, their labels, their colour, but above all in their taste. If you are a bit lost in the subject of natural wines, don’t hesitate to ask us!

But there’s more, SUPER’s fridge is full of craft beers and alternative soft drinks: from kombuchas to sodas or ginger beer.

And for special occasions there is no shortage of champagne and liqueurs.

Food: preserves, oils, coffees, chocolates and much more.

If there’s one thing a pantry can’t be without, it’s preserves. Olives, tuna, cod, cockles, mussels… We have everything from well-established Portuguese canned food brands to smaller, family-run projects.

And watch out for the sweet preserves: nut creams (cashew, peanut…) and the most original flavoured jams you can imagine.

There is one obligatory stop and that is our oil section. All of them are super special and with a history of land and olive trees recovery. Choose from olive oils of different varieties and infused oils to give a different touch to your dishes.

Many of you know us for our speciality coffee and on the SUPER website you can buy it in beans, ground (we grind it just before delivery) or in biodegradable capsules and even soluble.

The sauces and spices section is designed so that you can travel without leaving your kitchen: Italian, Mexican, Oriental sauces…

Everything you need to make every day a SUPER day!

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